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Introducing Chirpy, A Twitter Direct Messages App

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Twitbit push notifications are fast. So fast that we find ourselves using direct messages over text messages with our Twitter pals. For those new to Twitter, direct messages are basically private tweets — short messages sent directly to people in your Twitter network. They work great as a substitute for text messages. With direct messages, you can save a couple bucks, benefit from internet ubiquity, and you don’t have to worry about sending messages to friends abroad. In addition to your mobile device, you can access your inbox through the web, email, or wherever else you use Twitter.

Until today, however, the experience has been suboptimal on the iPhone — yes, even with Twitbit. We appreciate the benefits of Twitter packaged into a single app, but with so much functionality in one app, there is no escaping certain usability compromises. It might just be the difference of an extra tap or two, or losing screen real-estate from the tab bar, but even the little things add up. We wanted to build an app to address these shortcomings.

Our newest release, Chirpy, is that app. Chirpy makes direct messages as intuitive, familiar and useful as text messages. With that goal as our focus, we made Chirpy’s interface very similar to the built-in messages app. Messages are organized as threaded conversations, not by inbox and outbox. New messages are composed right in-line, so you can reference the conversation as you type. Check it out:

Another critical aspect of any messenger app is fast notifications. We have a great deal of experience with Twitter notifications from Twitbit, but with Chirpy, we’ve made notifications even faster. We think we’re pretty close to making notifications instantaneous, and due to some exciting additions to Twitter’s API, notifications should only get faster.

Other Chirpy features include integration with your contact list, multiple Twitter accounts, landscape mode, photo attachments and alternative notification sounds. We also invested considerable time in making the app fast and polished.

Chirpy is available now on the iPhone App Store. And it’s only a couple bucks, so it should pay for itself in no time. Check it out and let us know what you think.

Written by Doug

May 18th, 2010 at 12:45 pm

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  • Sven

    Great idea guys! It's a perfect cross-platform alternative for dedicated messenger apps like WhatsApp and Ping (most of my friends have android phones). Haha, and I just wanted to request custom notification sounds when I read “alternative notification sounds” in the blog post above… guess I'm too used to in-app settings :)

    It's probably against the idea of the app, but would it be possible to add push notifications for mentions in the twitter timeline that open a chosen twitter client? Right now, I don't really know which push notifications I should've activated: TwitBit or Chirp. With TwitBit I'm getting all notifications but I'm missing the nice interface of Chirp for DM's…

    Keep up the good work!

  • http://highorderbit.com John A. Debay

    One thing that may solve your problem for you is to turn off push notifications for direct messages in Twitbit. That way you'll get mentions pushed to you via Twitbit and direct messages pushed to you via Chirpy.

    To turn off push notifications for direct messages in Twitbit, open Twitbit and tap the Timeline tab. Then tap your username at the top, which will bring up the list of accounts. Tap the blue arrow next to your account name to see settings for that account. You can then disable push notifications for direct messages only.

  • Sven

    Great – I was looking for a function like this but couldn't find it! Thx!